Cinderella! Amazon prime 2021

Hey hello I’m back after an era almost! I wish all of you are doing great….. I’m fine! (imagining to answer your unasked question lol)

I watched this movie yesterday

At first I expected the same old fairy tale, with outdated concepts where a miserable, overkind hearted girl has a magical turn in her life after a Prince falls in love with her!

Once upon a time……….. And a happily ever after!

Surprisingly the starting and ending , was the same even in this movie 😆

The movie starts with a girl named Ella. Yeah her name is Ella,(take a note) it’s just her step sisters who call her Cinderella, as she would often be seen covered up in cinder as she stays in a dingy basement.

Ella was a same miserable, overly kindhearted girl, but here she had an ambition of her own! (she wants to be a fashion designer) she works day and night for her dream…

Isn’t it cool?!

And on the other side comes our “Prince Charming” a king to be who doesn’t care much about the kingdom, just enjoys with his merry boys, “Mama boy” ,(useless) that’s what his people think he is! He has a little sister “Princess Gwen” smart, witty, always has some beautiful scheme for the people’s welfare finally the kingdom is handed over to her the most eligible one without being discriminated for being a girl even her brother likes it that way!

But no! Prince Charming was way more than his people’s imagination,as a kid he wanted to be a king but his father has set a bad example he didn’t want to end up like him . He hated when someone kept giving him instructions, he just wanted to breathe freely . Subsequently he learns to “Choose himself” isn’t it great?! He also seems to be a great pianist! A good friend and person with class and manners. (He was just a fish on a tree)

Ella has a pet larva in her basement which becomes a cocoon and turns into a beautiful butterfly which here in turn is our “Iconic godmother” here the magic that is going to change her life is the karma of her good deed! She didn’t get it she earned it !😉

A gender less fairy god mother😍

Ella wants to go to the ball to make her life better by showing foreigners her beautiful creations of the costumes she designed and not to get a prince! And yeah as she expected she gets a job offer! But she and the prince fall in love , when he expresses his feelings both were honest they liked each other. But when she was kept a choice “the royalty or her dream” she chooses “dream her ambition” she chose herself!!!

The even better part was the Prince Charming, He was portrayed sensible enough to accept her No for a No! (preach), rather than most of the heroes in many movies who literally would be speaking dialogues like “every girl would like to marry a guy like Sharukh Khan and Salman Khan but there are only 2% of men like them, the rest of the men are like us so u got no other choice rather than choosing me, blah blah blah and finally the heroine marries him. STUPID! ( this is a famous scene from a popular Tamil movie😂)

The best part about this movie was no one was portrayed bad even the Stepmother, she had a backstory where being ambitious had cost her life, she was left a widow because her husband didn’t want a lady to aim high, so for the sake of her step daughter’s safety she was being rude!

The king and queen of the kingdom’s character was also portrayed well. The king who silenced his queen and had a slightly bigger throne than her to show his superiority, and his queen also wasn’t subtle she makes her husband realise his wrongs, and finally makes her voice heard. woof! She was amazing! She supports her son’s decision!

At the end of the movie both Prince Charming and Ella confess their love and stay together. But here Prince Charming supports her dream and agrees to travel world with her to pursue her dream job! Still most of the families think if it’s choice between work and family mostly it’s the women’s duty to leave their jobs and settle.

This story made it clear that women’s dream matters as much as anyone elses’! It is not something that has to be taken for granted!

The whole story was retold in a modern way keeping the essence of the original story same. It covered up all the details of the original story in a feminist ideology! Leaving behind the toxic sexist ideology!

The “iconic glass slipper ” scene was recreated most iconically where Ella says to herself “dress up for ur comfort” and throws one of her shoe on Prince’s bestie’s face when he tries to stop her 😂!

Only thing which most of them may not like about this movie is there were more songs than dialogues in this movie,in every two minutes there pops a 5mins long song😂 Even hum aapke hain koun (famous Hindi movie) with 14 sound track throughout the movie may have more dialogues than this movie . It is so unlikely to expect that from a Hollywood movie 😅.

But overall it was a much better version of Cinderella (Ella). Which went well with modern times. Recommend this version of Cinderella to the kids of this era! I loved it❤❤

All love, no hate!

Lovingly 🍯 honey!

Brihannala !

Brihannala As portrayed in a recent TV serial

Yeah! You read it right! Today I’m going to tell u story from a great epic mahabharath of Indian mythology!

Whenever it comes to mythologies we must be ready to hear various versions of a single story, being etched around one character. But it doesn’t limit us from believing our most favorite version and sticking to it! 😅😉

Arjun was a legendary warrior from Chandravamsh, third among the five pandavas, dharm son of demigod Indra, well trained in archery. He was a brilliant student right from his childhood, was a favorite disciple of his teacher, guru dhronacharya!

Arjun As portrayed in a recent TV serial

Apart from archery and other warrior skills, Arjun was also an elegant dancer and musician. Bravery of Arjun was exceedingly excellent!

So one day Arjun visited his heavenly father Indra, a demigod himself as well as chief of other demigods, he is said to have a beautiful courtyard in heaven, with beautiful ladies called apsaras entertaining him!

Lord Indra

When his human son Arjun visited his father’s courtyard, Lord Indra wanted to entertain his son who made him extremely proud by his bravery. So he called for a great feast with lots of entertainment like dance, music and what not!? Who knows maybe gods had much more fun than humans in parties! 😇

There is the entry of this celestial beauty, Apsara named Urvashi,(in Sanskrit- she who controls heart) and obviously she would end up being the most beautiful apsara among rest of them, or else she wouldn’t have ended up this famous would she?! OK sorry for deviating! So Urvashi performed her divine dance and enchanted every person with her celestial beauty! Everyone were attracted by her, but she was attracted to our hero the great legendary warrior Arjun! Of course every one would have expected this, as we all have watched enough movies with such romances !


But here comes a twist! After the great feast,when Arjun was resting Urvashi confessed her love towards him, our hero was taken aback! Arjun very obediently said that “My dear lady, I’m exceedingly happy to hear this, but I’m not supposed to love u according to dharma” Now it was Urvashi’s turn to be taken aback, she questioned with great surprise, “Why?”

Arjun explained that, many years back Urvashi had a human husband named Pururuvas, who was the first human being of chandravamsh, thus he becomes Pandava’s ancestor, so according to human beliefs, the celestial apsara Urvashi becomes Arjun’s great great great great grandmother! Nice twist right😅 But Urvashi wanted to persuade Arjun by saying she is not a human, she is not linked to any particular relationship circle with human, she is eternal and pure forever. But Arjun seemed to deny pointing to his Dharma!

Urvashi with her husband Pururuvas

Urvashi the enchanting beauty, being rejected for the first time in her entire immortal life, grew furious and cursed Arjun to become a transgender for rest of his life.

He became very miserable, and when this news reached Lord Indra’s ear, he felt deeply sad as well as surprised by his son. Sad because he couldn’t reverse the curse and surprised by his son’s placement of dharma before love, according to Indra, no human being in his right sense could have rejected or resisted the love of this celestial beauty Urvashi! The most enchanting Apsara!!

His father didn’t want his well mannered son to end up in this miserable state, so he said, he didn’t have power to reverse the curse but he could lessen the adversity of this ! And blessed him saying he could use this curse as a blessing at the time he wants it the most for a temporary period of time.

Thus came the character Brihannala!The dance teacher for princess Uthara of virat kingdom, where he spent his agyathavas(incognito period) where the pandavas along with their wife Draupadi had to live in hiding for one year, after 12 years of vanavas(living in forest) after the infamous disrobing of Draupadi by kauravas! Later his student Uthara was married to Arjun’s son another legendary warrior Abimanyu!

Brihannala teaching Uthara her dance lessons

Thus this is my favorite version of story that revolves around Brihannala, of course there are lot more versions of it but I’ll be happily sticking to this! 😊

I hope u loved this story, I can also tell many other interesting stories from Indian, Greek as well as Roman mythology, if you want me to!

No hate, all love

Yours hyper imaginative honey😂

Splashes and clicks! 💕

This is my first attempt on an art and photography post! Hope you would like it!😇

♥Some of my recent splashes!!

This was an attempt of making my own portrait!  It seems more or less like me, but ended up more like a caricature of myself 😆

This is one of my personal favourites!Expression is the first importance for a Kathakali dancer, I guess I’ve nailed it ! I love looking at it’s eyes, I feel it speaks a lot! ❤

Does this cat look ferocious?! I made it today, just when I was making it I got the idea of making an art and photography blog! It took a great deal of time to make it and patience is must!😻

I hope u would  have loved my splashes! Feel free to comment on your favourite or any opinions are also welcome! 👍

♥Now moving on to Clicks!📷

I clicked it last year on Karthikai! Festival of lamps,  It is a tamilian festival and my first favourite festival of all time! Every house looks dazzling on that day with beautiful lamps lit all over the house. Walking on street that day is a real pleasure! ❤

A few sky clicks! 💙

Nature is truly beautiful! Capturing this beauty is a real pleasure! 💟

This is  a self click, very close to heart! It is an accidental click, which involves a lot of dimensions!!! Camera positioning, uplift of hair and dress played a crucial role in the success of this click💓😍

All these clicks were not taken in some expensive cameras, all of these are simple mobile clicks, Though it wasn’t very impressive, I thought these were worth sharing!

Life may not always go as planned, at times we just have to go with the flow❤

No hate, all love

Honey with her splashes and clicks😉


Equalism is a great matter of discussion nowadays! Everyone has heard about Equalism, but how many of us, really know the core meaning of Equalism?!

Equalism demands to be extended to every species living in this world! No matter how big or how small it is!!!

♥Let’s start off with ” Feminism“!

It’s very pathetic that people fail to understand the core meaning of Feminism! 😕”Feminism is for everyone ”

It’s principles are not just limited  for a girl to love black, It also extends the right for a boy to love pink!

One recent question that I came across was “What have I done in my life worthy enough to call myself a feminist?”😲

The fact, that I agreed that the questioner must be enlightened rather than be hated for, made me a Feminist! Feminist are not only those who take placards and walk around streets saying “screw patriarchy”. Every heart that makes Equalism or being non judgemental mentality their way of life ,Congratulations! You are a Feminist! 😉

♥Next let’s speak about “Third gender”

Seriously please, they too are human beings. They too have feelings, they too get hurt, they too cry and have emotions, they too need a better life in this world! Every time I see a meme about them, I sense cruelty! There is barely any movie that portrays them right 😢 Stop spreading hatred!

♥What about Rest of the species?

Not only human beings occupy this earth! Every creature has equal rights for survival in this world! Love all the creations of god! Do not throw a stone on a random dog, Butterflies are for watching not for catching, As we pass by a tree, for no reason plucking a leaf and throwing it away must be avoided, Imagine if someone stronger than u randomly breaks your arm and puts in dustbin how will u feel?!

Do I mean to say that we must not kill a disease causing mosquito because they too have equal rights?! Certainly no! There is something called species check! We have a beautiful explanation in Lion King movie, where the cub asks his father why do we hunt and kill other animals?, Where the father lion replies as they are contributing to the food chain!

“Only over exploiting is a sin”👍

Over exploitation of anything is also denying Equalism!

~♥~”Humanism = Equality”~♥~

Discrimination on any basis is moving away from Equalism, It maybe on basis of gender, caste,race,small,big,strong ,weak or anything!

We are all children of earth mother who is carrying us in her lap! Let us encourage brotherhood, and appreciate equality! ❤

Neither anyone is superior nor anyone should be suppressed! We can’t live without each other!

“Let us live and let live”

No hate, all love

With love honey😍

Up to date!

One day when I was really struggling to fall asleep suddenly a book that I’ve read 6 years ago dawned upon me!


Frindle it’s a children novel, written by Andrew Clements. It is a beautiful book of a little boy introducing a new word which made it to dictionary! Isn’t it interesting!! 😎 I thank my BLPS teacher Mrs. Anu for introducing this book to me in my seventh grade, which inspired me to write today’s blog. 😊

When was the last time u bought a dictionary? Mostly in the past 6 years no one would have purchased it, right?! 😶 ….of course we’ve been introduced to easier ways of searching meaning so we’ve almost forgot our “dictionaries ” … But till today dictionary hasn’t stopped updating itself, it’s continuously being equipped with new words every year! So it’s mandatory for us to be“up to date”

Types of words added to dictionary :

●In 2020 majority of the words added to the dictionary were related to Covid 19! It has been added to medical dictionary by OED(Oxford)

Chat language: A few words that in day to day chats we have created has also been added to the dictionary! 

♡TGIF: Thank god it’s Friday 

♡Lol: Laugh out loud

Blend of two word: Jeggins-Jeans and leggings, Webinar -web and seminar, Brexit -British exit

● 21st century trends : Words like “Totes” shortened form of total, “Calci” for calculator.

Computer language:Firewall,skype,podcast,cyber introduced.

●Hilarious words : ♡Scrumdidylumptious : extremely splendid. ♡ Schmoozefest: behaving in charismatic way to gain favour.

Words brought from old English :♡Ripple in 2010 brought back from 17th century.

Words introduced by authors: ♡Muggle:by JK Rowling, and many other words by other authors like Roald Dahl and others.

●Originated from other languages brought back again to usage: ♡Au pair: Dates back to 1960, origin French, brought back again to usage at 2013

Words introduced in which year:

Nothing burger :2018

Totes : 2015




Webinar :2008





I’ve chosen very simple words for example! I’ve given a few example of words that were introduced in the past decade! But still if we do little research we may come across many interesting words!

Hope it may have been informative!

For people who haven’t read Frindle, it’s an amazing book it has an amazing storyline. Though it’s a children novel it’s story line will take u to a different dimension! So it’s a must read for all age group it’s a very short book of 150 pages.

Read more, learn more, love more

No hate, All love

Ever loving Honey😍

Green 💚

I’m better known as “green freak” more than by my name “Harini” among my friends.

The love for green has prevailed right from the very first memory I have in this earthly life. I was two and a half year old when I joined my kindergarten. On the very first day of admission,my parents and my class teacher stood by the door as I ran inside the classroom full of colourful baby chairs and made myself comfortable on a GREEN baby chair, indeed it was a throne for me!

From that day till today this special connection has lasted the same. Green may be just a colour for others but for me it’s a way of life! It is a feeling. It acts as an inexplicable cure for any of my situation. I get overwhelmed everytime I see green, it calms my soul and eases out all of my worries. I lose myself in it and discover my newself in it.

I can speak of it the whole day and still will be left with stuffs unsaid about my connection with green!

Green a cure!

Green depicts nature!Imagine a sight of dense green forest lushy with thick leaves as canopies providing us a cool environment to stroll through and thin leaves waving us breeze and soft grasses tickling our barefoot , a smell of meadow and a melancholic music playing behind invisibly. Aah! wasn’t it great?

It is a sacred colour to Egyptians and Muslims! It is a depiction of fertility, renewal,spring and good luck. Bible says green is a depiction of immortality and resurrection!

Probably it not only soothes my soul! Researchers say that green is the most restful colour to human eye.It is used in hospitals as it is believed to soothe pain, and most recommended colour in workplaces and school. As survey says people working in green environment are very efficient,innovative and it also increases reading ability and grasping power.

One of my recent discoveries was that the precious EMERALD STONE is a birthstone of Mayborns! May be it was just a coincidence or maybe a superstitious reason behind my love for green! (Because I’m a Mayborn😎)

Green an evil!

In the Roman mythology green was considered as a “forebode of death “as this colour had a connection with the worship of Mercury who is considered to be the messenger of dead!

The famous saying “Green eyed monster ” portrays green as a symbol of jealousy!

Radium,Paris green and copper hydrogenated arsenic were deadly poisons, sadly they were in the shades of green. That gave cancer. Napoleon is said to have been poisoned to death by sleeping in a green wall papered room.

Even the ever famous Harry Potter books depicted green house (Slytherin)as an evil by adding all the baddies in that house (just for laugh,no offence meant)

There are always two sides to any situation and certainly green has not been an exception in it!😈😇

Anything it might be, my love for green is not going to change any sooner or even later! Because it’s not just my “favourite” it’s a ” way of my life

I’m very keen to know is anyone as crazy as me about green or it’s just me? And the next question, Is lunacy for favourite colour common or again it’s just me?

Who knows? 😇

No hate, All love

Yours ever freaking Honey😍

Body Positivity!

It’s impossible to shut 7billion mouths; But pretty easy to shut one pair of ears❤

#Black_lives_matter movement got me in a huge surprise, not that I’ve never heard of oppressions against blacks, neither that I’m alien to the concept of racism.

It’s just surprising how amidst the great corona pandemic huge masses of people flood the streets to protest!

Haven’t this pandemic made us realize “Every lives matter the same”?

You be fair or dark, fat or skinny, tall or short, beautiful or ugly, clear skinned or not,every one without any partiality are being affected by virus! What does it imply? Biologically every human being is same, made up of proteins, lipids,carbohydrates and nucleic acids.

Let me tell u something, Being in equatorial region we are made to believe by MNCs that being fair skinned is pretty, The same MNCs in polar regions market for tanned skins.Just the same way stars in India spend crores of money to do lightening therapy, people spend millions in polar areas to have tans. Isn’t it clear now? Standards of beauty are set by MNCs for their own profits!

Amidst this #black_lives_matter protest Hindustan Unilever has changed its product’s name “fair and lovely” to “Glow and lovely” not at the cost of changing their norms,that being dark is OK; It is simply named so that their profits wouldn’t be disturbed by this anti fair movement

“Now it’s time that we wake up and clear the clouds that has been hiding our clear vision”❤

Next time when you look into the mirror be ready to face the real you! Your complexion, your height, your weight,nor your skin texture matters,“Because you did nothing to earn these nor can do anything to change these (without disturbing your body and genetic makeup) “

So the next time you feel you are not up-to the standards, think again “up-to which standards set by whom?”

When we all are biologically same,why discriminate and develop unnecessary row?

“Any problem one solution” –Love yourself and automatically U’ll see a better and positive world”😉

No hate; All love

Ever loving honey 😍

Is dying fun? (drug abuse)

I’m writing this blog inspired from a session that I’ve attended last year on substance abuse conducted by CVP in collaboration with MHRD and AIIMS.

Isn’t it a growing fad among “all age groups” nowadays to take drugs and drinks considering it to be cool?!

#YOLO #chill #party #drinks #fun aren’t these hash tags common nowadays and trending? Yo dude! What’s a party w/o a drink. U’re so sucking bored man, just chill, have a drink, ENJOY!!!

Duh! Is everyone making themselves a fool considering it to be cool!?

Lemme tell! Nowadays there are drug addicts starting from the age of 7. There are a huge proportion of kids who start taking drugs even before they attain the age of 12!

A pea size of a drug may cost a souvenir! Now here arises a question how do kids and normal people afford it? What may be the strategy to bring these drugs into the lives of normal people? There are so many ways! But let me just tell u one particularly peculiar way and which is done for a very different purpose.

Punjabis are known for their body strength, they will be an excellent support for our country’s army isn’t it? Drugs are being simply thrown free of cost into our border so that the brave youngs will become a drug addict, this is done inorder to weaken our country’s army power by making our men useless to society.

Is it even possible for us to see any movie or a web series without the protagonist marketing for a drug or a drink? Haven’t we started accepting this as a norm in our media culture?

Once one of my juniors shared this with me, she is from Chennai (metropolitan city in India) she said even though I wasn’t into taking drugs and stuffs it seemed to me as a very normalised stuff. Many of my friends take drugs, in most of their home parents encourage their own kids to take drugs in house, so that they don’t take it anywhere else. It seemed to me as nothing wrong rather I felt normalised”

Of course here at once u can blame it on the metropolitan culture for being spoilt. But NO I even know my friends of friends into such abuses in little towns like Tenkasi and Courtallam.

●His name is Jordan Cole☝. His mom says he is a good kid, a happy kid, his life was cost by only one bad choice of having a bad company only one night.

●There is a story of a beautiful girl, a figure skater(pardon me I forgot her name) she was out of her schooling and got placed in a well known university. Her own sister was her best friend. Her parents were very proud of their daughter. But one day she was found dead inside bathroom because of taking meth for pleasure for just 6 months. Drug has cost a beautiful and successful girl’s life.

Pardon me for adding gross pics! The pics and videos shown to us on the real session was 10 times more scary and horrifying than this😳

●These☝ are few cases of drug takers who took drugs like meth and marujana. See the pathetic condition of drug takers within such a short span of time. ●︿●

Of course now u could tell me all these are extreme cases anyways we are not going for such extremes. What can one day of fun cost? I’m in full control!…………. Let me openly confess all these extreme cases, one day thought drug taking to be a fun activity and a cool thing to do. Little did they know the reversal are almost nil for most of the addiction. If only they knew one day of pleasure could cost their life they would have never touched it!

Now let us decide!

Is losing ur family fun? Is being abandoned by loved ones fun? Is not being able to control urself fun? Is suffering fun?

Is dying fun?

So I suggest it is better for us to not be driven into this devil which can make our life hell on the earth,due to peer pressure and the fear of seeming to be an outcast or leftout.

What can we do to help out the drug addicts?

People need a few hormones like dopamine ,oxytocin,endorphins and serotonin to make themselves happy. When people lack the secretion of these hormones they search for external factors to boost these enzymes , drugs and drinks help in boosting these temporarily . That it’s y many tend to consume it when they face failures, loss and when they are depressed.

So how can these be naturally boosted?

These hormones are secreted when someone praise us , when we know we are loved and cared for, when someone touches us lovingly or by means of hugs and embracements.

Isn’t it simple?

●So next time u see someone in your family becoming or being an addict don’t avoid them try to change their mindset by spending time and giving them ur full support and make them feel that they are cared and loved for.

●If you are a friend, please don’t hesitate to inform their family and make their family members understand the situation and teach them how to deal

●Or rather if you are a very close friend and if the addict is very close to u .U may help she / he to come out of this by lending ur support and with the help of a de addiction centre

Kindness is a simple act of love!

Be kind spread happiness lend your support wherever needed and be thoughtful.

No hate, all love

With abundance of love ,honey😍

Is first impression the best impression?

It’s our natural tendency to form a mental image of a person we meet. It may be based on their dress, the words that they speak,looks that they wear on their face, or they ideas that they share with you.

Most of the time even we try to look and be in our best character so that we make sure other people don’t make any wrong impression on us.  (even if we don’t mean to be so nice!)

Thus we’ve made our first impression!

But most of the time we feel betrayed! Isn’t it?

Whom do you think is to blame? It’s u of course

Of course no one is ready to accept that they are wrong! That is the reason why we feel ashened when we find that the particular judgement that we’ve made has taken a wrong turn.

I’ve just come out of my schooling. And throughout my school days I’ve been in 8 different schools in different places in India. Each and every place had it’s uniqueness. So everytime I enter a new place and a new school I get to meet unique people with peculiar personalities. Yeah, many times I’ve judged people and was also judged by many !

There is this one girl I’ve met in my 7th grade, I’ve always thought she’s out of my leagues! Had always stayed away from her even though we’ve been in same class for some 3 years! Then suddenly in 11th grade her seating arrangement was made near me that’s when both of us realised we both were perfectly complementary! Then we became close friends and are still being in touch!

So yeah, here there is certainly something for me to grieve. We’ve lost our 3 years of beautiful friendship by just one judgement! “The first impression”

There are so many other friends of mine who’ve felt the same sense of betrayal due to this thing called first impression.

In the case that I’ve mentioned above it was a negative to positive change, there are also cases that work out upside down. Impressions may change from positive to negative then there comes even stronger emotion than grief, it’s hatred!

Why should someone be hated for no mistake of theirs?🙇

So to avoid all these misconceptions and unwanted hatred and grief, let us stop relying on this thing called “first impression “

What I don’t mean to say?

● I know it’s pretty hard for us to stop making impressions. I’m not telling to stop making it, I’m just emphasising not to rely on it!

● Secondly I don’t say always ur first impression would turn out to be wrong. Bcoz I’m pretty sure no human being is such a dumbo to be always incorrect 😄

So what do we do to avoid misconception?

Simple. Take it slow. Get to know a person well before judging them. Who knows u may even change that person.

Life is of course a mystery u can find hope even in the most hopeless situation!

Whenever someone says “first impression is the best impression” add to ur mind another accompanying statement “conditions apply*”😂

So take it easy! Mistakes happen don’t regret for ur past errors. Make corrections in ur future decisions “Love yourselves because u r worth being loved”

No hate all love

From ever loving honey😍

First post!

This is my first blog post!

I’m a 17 year old south Indian. U may wonder what impact would a teenagers post would make in life?

Neither do I know 😅

I’m from one of the oldest parts of the world. I speak Tamil and born in Tamil nadu. I love culture and heritage not only mine but love the world for it’s own cultural heritage.

“கற்றது கைமண் அளவு, கல்லாதது உலகளவு” , “Katrathu Kai Mann Alavu, Kallathathu Ulagalavu”.

Meaning : what U’ve learnt is just handful, stuffs yet to be known is almost the size of a world! I believe in this !

People say I’m an extrovert, but still I’ve not come to a conclusion on that.

I would love sharing my views on cultural aspects, feminism, equalise, etiquette and much more random social issues!

I’m a good reader and an extraordinary thinker! Very recently I’m planning to engage myself to do some writing so that I can put my thoughts into some solid form!!!

So I thought this Coronavirus pandemic would help me fulfill my wish. 🙏

So here let me start my beautiful journey of blogging with all ur support.

My motto : No hate all love …. Let’s stop spreading hatred and support each other by spreading care and love! 😊

From a 17 year old sweet honey 😄

(P. S my name is Harini and my friends call me honey )