Is dying fun? (drug abuse)

I’m writing this blog inspired from a session that I’ve attended last year on substance abuse conducted by CVP in collaboration with MHRD and AIIMS.

Isn’t it a growing fad among “all age groups” nowadays to take drugs and drinks considering it to be cool?!

#YOLO #chill #party #drinks #fun aren’t these hash tags common nowadays and trending? Yo dude! What’s a party w/o a drink. U’re so sucking bored man, just chill, have a drink, ENJOY!!!

Duh! Is everyone making themselves a fool considering it to be cool!?

Lemme tell! Nowadays there are drug addicts starting from the age of 7. There are a huge proportion of kids who start taking drugs even before they attain the age of 12!

A pea size of a drug may cost a souvenir! Now here arises a question how do kids and normal people afford it? What may be the strategy to bring these drugs into the lives of normal people? There are so many ways! But let me just tell u one particularly peculiar way and which is done for a very different purpose.

Punjabis are known for their body strength, they will be an excellent support for our country’s army isn’t it? Drugs are being simply thrown free of cost into our border so that the brave youngs will become a drug addict, this is done inorder to weaken our country’s army power by making our men useless to society.

Is it even possible for us to see any movie or a web series without the protagonist marketing for a drug or a drink? Haven’t we started accepting this as a norm in our media culture?

Once one of my juniors shared this with me, she is from Chennai (metropolitan city in India) she said even though I wasn’t into taking drugs and stuffs it seemed to me as a very normalised stuff. Many of my friends take drugs, in most of their home parents encourage their own kids to take drugs in house, so that they don’t take it anywhere else. It seemed to me as nothing wrong rather I felt normalised”

Of course here at once u can blame it on the metropolitan culture for being spoilt. But NO I even know my friends of friends into such abuses in little towns like Tenkasi and Courtallam.

●His name is Jordan Cole☝. His mom says he is a good kid, a happy kid, his life was cost by only one bad choice of having a bad company only one night.

●There is a story of a beautiful girl, a figure skater(pardon me I forgot her name) she was out of her schooling and got placed in a well known university. Her own sister was her best friend. Her parents were very proud of their daughter. But one day she was found dead inside bathroom because of taking meth for pleasure for just 6 months. Drug has cost a beautiful and successful girl’s life.

Pardon me for adding gross pics! The pics and videos shown to us on the real session was 10 times more scary and horrifying than this😳

●These☝ are few cases of drug takers who took drugs like meth and marujana. See the pathetic condition of drug takers within such a short span of time. ●︿●

Of course now u could tell me all these are extreme cases anyways we are not going for such extremes. What can one day of fun cost? I’m in full control!…………. Let me openly confess all these extreme cases, one day thought drug taking to be a fun activity and a cool thing to do. Little did they know the reversal are almost nil for most of the addiction. If only they knew one day of pleasure could cost their life they would have never touched it!

Now let us decide!

Is losing ur family fun? Is being abandoned by loved ones fun? Is not being able to control urself fun? Is suffering fun?

Is dying fun?

So I suggest it is better for us to not be driven into this devil which can make our life hell on the earth,due to peer pressure and the fear of seeming to be an outcast or leftout.

What can we do to help out the drug addicts?

People need a few hormones like dopamine ,oxytocin,endorphins and serotonin to make themselves happy. When people lack the secretion of these hormones they search for external factors to boost these enzymes , drugs and drinks help in boosting these temporarily . That it’s y many tend to consume it when they face failures, loss and when they are depressed.

So how can these be naturally boosted?

These hormones are secreted when someone praise us , when we know we are loved and cared for, when someone touches us lovingly or by means of hugs and embracements.

Isn’t it simple?

●So next time u see someone in your family becoming or being an addict don’t avoid them try to change their mindset by spending time and giving them ur full support and make them feel that they are cared and loved for.

●If you are a friend, please don’t hesitate to inform their family and make their family members understand the situation and teach them how to deal

●Or rather if you are a very close friend and if the addict is very close to u .U may help she / he to come out of this by lending ur support and with the help of a de addiction centre

Kindness is a simple act of love!

Be kind spread happiness lend your support wherever needed and be thoughtful.

No hate, all love

With abundance of love ,honey😍

21 thoughts on “Is dying fun? (drug abuse)

  1. Hey hon! Good start dude…anyways drug is an evil but not inevitable! Drop it bfore u pick it up…finally OF COURSE VANAKAM IS BETTER THAN HANDSHAKES!!

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  2. Happy that u have got knowledge abt drugs at right age. Of course kindness, care, family bonding and good friends are boosting up agents of one’s life. Is dying fun? – well coined topic, very apt.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Everything I’ve written is based on true accounts,nothing is a made up story! Yes I’ve written about Tamil nadu here because I’m quiet familiar about it. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. It is fairly common all over the world.

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  3. This is really informative, touch wood ,never seen anybody with drugs, but seen alcoholics.Good one. Found it truly Relevant as a mother 😍.

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  4. Excellent points! It is sad when people slowly commit suicide—some do not even realize that is what they are doing!

    When you wrote “…parents encourage their own kids to take drugs in house, so that they don’t take it anywhere else.” It reminded me that my mom would give me some cigarettes at home for the same reason. I couldn’t smoke though, it made me sick, so I never got addicted! I only tried smoking one other time in many years later, little cigars to help me stay awake while driving across country. I didn’t do it very long though. I had asthma at that time and knew smoking was not healthy. (I beat asthma naturally since then.)
    Stay positive and loving! ❤️🦋🌀🙏

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    1. Woah! It’s great that u were able to beat asthma naturally! I’m happy that u were able to connect with my content! Still I’m very happy that u r not an addict! Stay away from these evils! No hate, all love! Keep visiting ~♥~

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      1. Oh! That’s terrible! Involve urself in meditation or pat urself, u always don’t need people to hold ur back, u’ve got urself, u spend time with urself, that is the kindest thing u can do to urself, best wishes from my side~♥~


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