Up to date!

One day when I was really struggling to fall asleep suddenly a book that I’ve read 6 years ago dawned upon me!


Frindle it’s a children novel, written by Andrew Clements. It is a beautiful book of a little boy introducing a new word which made it to dictionary! Isn’t it interesting!! 😎 I thank my BLPS teacher Mrs. Anu for introducing this book to me in my seventh grade, which inspired me to write today’s blog. 😊

When was the last time u bought a dictionary? Mostly in the past 6 years no one would have purchased it, right?! 😶 ….of course we’ve been introduced to easier ways of searching meaning so we’ve almost forgot our “dictionaries ” … But till today dictionary hasn’t stopped updating itself, it’s continuously being equipped with new words every year! So it’s mandatory for us to be“up to date”

Types of words added to dictionary :

●In 2020 majority of the words added to the dictionary were related to Covid 19! It has been added to medical dictionary by OED(Oxford)

Chat language: A few words that in day to day chats we have created has also been added to the dictionary! 

♡TGIF: Thank god it’s Friday 

♡Lol: Laugh out loud

Blend of two word: Jeggins-Jeans and leggings, Webinar -web and seminar, Brexit -British exit

● 21st century trends : Words like “Totes” shortened form of total, “Calci” for calculator.

Computer language:Firewall,skype,podcast,cyber introduced.

●Hilarious words : ♡Scrumdidylumptious : extremely splendid. ♡ Schmoozefest: behaving in charismatic way to gain favour.

Words brought from old English :♡Ripple in 2010 brought back from 17th century.

Words introduced by authors: ♡Muggle:by JK Rowling, and many other words by other authors like Roald Dahl and others.

●Originated from other languages brought back again to usage: ♡Au pair: Dates back to 1960, origin French, brought back again to usage at 2013

Words introduced in which year:

Nothing burger :2018

Totes : 2015




Webinar :2008





I’ve chosen very simple words for example! I’ve given a few example of words that were introduced in the past decade! But still if we do little research we may come across many interesting words!

Hope it may have been informative!

For people who haven’t read Frindle, it’s an amazing book it has an amazing storyline. Though it’s a children novel it’s story line will take u to a different dimension! So it’s a must read for all age group it’s a very short book of 150 pages.

Read more, learn more, love more

No hate, All love

Ever loving Honey😍

93 thoughts on “Up to date!

  1. It was very informative. Well, there are many English words which are derived from the Sanskrit language like – Trikonmiti became Trignometry, Madhyam became Medium, Naam became Name, and many more. Therefore, we can say that English is a hotchpotch of many languages. 😄😄

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  2. Harini, what a great topic and very informative. I didn’t know they were constantly adding words to the dictionary. I thought some words are just made up and not officially a word. You are truly talented as a writer. Thank you for sharing. Stay safe.

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    1. Crinnovation – is still not added to dictionary ! We have a design company in name of CR INNOVATION! but still when I read this word it reminded me of cringe innovation – Crinnovation! Maybe if we keep using it again and again and if this word gets famous we could add this to dictionary 😉 !wouldn’t it be a great idea?!!!

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      1. Oh dear my mistake, I was inviting another person and I don’t know why, went in to yours, perhaps because It was the last that I was re8😁😊🌹so sorry my dear ☺️🙏😘😘😘🌹🌺🌷

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  3. Even though I am a hexagenerian, I really liked to learn as well as learn about so many new adaptive words that have been added to the dictionary!! Thanks for such a post!! Quite interesting and informative!! Will look forward to more such compositions from you.

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  4. I love this book :). My favourite part is when they are one by one teaching the cashier in the store what a frindle is. I think we need to do that with a lot of words like love and humility and compassion etc. so that people can see what they mean. Great post. 🙂

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  5. The dictionary is my best friend. In fact, I am that friend who writes down new words everyday. I have learnt something today.Thank you for sharing, I really enjoy this post. It’s informative and refreshing.

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