Equalism is a great matter of discussion nowadays! Everyone has heard about Equalism, but how many of us, really know the core meaning of Equalism?!

Equalism demands to be extended to every species living in this world! No matter how big or how small it is!!!

♥Let’s start off with ” Feminism“!

It’s very pathetic that people fail to understand the core meaning of Feminism! 😕”Feminism is for everyone ”

It’s principles are not just limited  for a girl to love black, It also extends the right for a boy to love pink!

One recent question that I came across was “What have I done in my life worthy enough to call myself a feminist?”😲

The fact, that I agreed that the questioner must be enlightened rather than be hated for, made me a Feminist! Feminist are not only those who take placards and walk around streets saying “screw patriarchy”. Every heart that makes Equalism or being non judgemental mentality their way of life ,Congratulations! You are a Feminist! 😉

♥Next let’s speak about “Third gender”

Seriously please, they too are human beings. They too have feelings, they too get hurt, they too cry and have emotions, they too need a better life in this world! Every time I see a meme about them, I sense cruelty! There is barely any movie that portrays them right 😢 Stop spreading hatred!

♥What about Rest of the species?

Not only human beings occupy this earth! Every creature has equal rights for survival in this world! Love all the creations of god! Do not throw a stone on a random dog, Butterflies are for watching not for catching, As we pass by a tree, for no reason plucking a leaf and throwing it away must be avoided, Imagine if someone stronger than u randomly breaks your arm and puts in dustbin how will u feel?!

Do I mean to say that we must not kill a disease causing mosquito because they too have equal rights?! Certainly no! There is something called species check! We have a beautiful explanation in Lion King movie, where the cub asks his father why do we hunt and kill other animals?, Where the father lion replies as they are contributing to the food chain!

“Only over exploiting is a sin”👍

Over exploitation of anything is also denying Equalism!

~♥~”Humanism = Equality”~♥~

Discrimination on any basis is moving away from Equalism, It maybe on basis of gender, caste,race,small,big,strong ,weak or anything!

We are all children of earth mother who is carrying us in her lap! Let us encourage brotherhood, and appreciate equality! ❤

Neither anyone is superior nor anyone should be suppressed! We can’t live without each other!

“Let us live and let live”

No hate, all love

With love honey😍

128 thoughts on “Equalism!❤

  1. This is something that a whole GRP of ppl shld read.. Again..this is worth reading…
    I think few ppl wud need guts to read it..all points were as sharp as a pen(u know y I call it a pen)
    _Congrats Hon!_

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  2. Well written brief and on point.
    Though, I have issues with what we humans keep fighting for, I fear one day as a result of trying to equalize everything , we are going to disturb God’s own wonderful creation. There are certain things we need to question especially the issues to do with gender and the so-called third gender.

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    1. Probably! But the fact that we haven’t even attained the equality that we’ve been asking for , for so many decades, makes me come to a conclusion that there is a very thin chance of us disturbing god’s creation!

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      1. We do not have to fight for equality, it is the reason we are seen behaviours that contradict with the order of nature. The creation was perfect, and every creature and gender has it’s role to play meaning one should not play another’s role. If we all play our roles without comparing, everything will be close to perfect.

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      1. Believe me, balance is what nature is, but humans have disturbed it by trying to compare things that cannot be compared. For example, Humans are a superior creation compared to other animals, that is why they are in control, efforts to equal them to animals will create an imbalance. When it comes to gender, Males have specific roles that they play and females have specific roles that they play, but once one gender starts comparing itself to the other gender, an imbalance is created and we start going against the order of nature.
        What we need is respecting the roles each creation has on earth, and trying to abandon your role to play the role of your other gender, you cannot fight nature.

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      2. True Seb. It is just about role play and we should play our roles with love and kindness and wisdom.

        There is a masculine principle and a feminine principle. The right and the left brain. Women in general are more feeling and men in general are more reason. But some men have more feeling and some women more reason. We need centring and balance – the best way to achieve the balance is through meditation.

        Nature doesn’t judge. It is just about cause and effect, karma, balance ….

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      3. Yeah generally it may be different, but new mantra of today is extending our hands to all, for the so termed “some” must also be included… That is what I emphasis in eauality

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      4. So true. If you are following my posts : My Religion is Kindness and Compassion. And my God is Love ….

        Life is all shades of grey … a play of light and shadow … if it was all white we shall all become invisible 😅

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      5. No one can make it white, everyone is different! Equalism is diversity is what I emphasised! I do follow ur blog! I love ur posts! Making ur religion kindness is so beautiful! ~♥~

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      6. I am fully with you Harini. I was responding to the other blogger friend of yours on balance.

        You are so right – all of us are different or unique ….

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      7. Well! Now if u read my blog properly u would find here I’ve not spoke about fighting for equality! I said we must accept equality as way of life! According to me gender roles and superiority was introduced by humans! I don’t think any animal would accept human beings to be superior than them do they?! Respect each other! I’m not asking men to carry babies in womb! Just help ur wives in kitchen and ask ur wife to help in family income, that is where I find equality! I don’t think any sort of balance is disturbed here in nature! ~♥~Respecting is the core of equality, why not let us extend our respect to rest of humans, animals and even plants?! I believe sustainable balance could be maintained this way!

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      8. I see what you mean, but my point is that, each creature has it’s role to play and if focused on it’s role, it takes the status of superior in that area, and once it decides to play another creatures role, it becomes inferior and that is where the imbalance comes in. Other wise, respect is key.

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  3. Thank you for ‘liking’ my comment.
    I will admit to being astounded and outraged when I learnt at a young age of a lady who was getting paid less than her male peers just because she was of the opposite sex. She was equal to her counterparts in education, ability, competence, results et al, and yet she was discriminated against because of her sex. I had no idea at the time that ‘feminism’ existed but I guess I could be termed as one, as I defiantly decided that I would certainly promote ‘equality’ between the sexes as long as each met the criteria required.
    Thank you for a thought-provoking subject.

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  4. Yet again a good post!! Getting various aspects to converge to your central theme is what I find in your posts! Very nice way of composing!!Yes Equalism is an aspect which needs to be well understood by all for harmony and peace in this world!!

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      1. Yes..it was just bliss🥰💞💞

        Surely I would love to visit such posts..! Keep blogging..!🥳
        Thank you so much harini for these humble words, you too have a wonderful one💝

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  5. good one harini. Each and every line is sharp. if everyone is started to think like this all the species will be safe especially our gender. keep writing harini. all the best.

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  6. I am so much impressed with your thoughts and writing that I would like to invite you to be a Guest blogger (you can post one blog on my blogsite) 😃☺ Let me know if you want to be the Guest Blogger on my Site ☺

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      1. I am excited to do this collab with you😃, you can check my Guest Blog section on my Blogsite and we can discuss this on my Instagram, my official Insta is @inspirehighblog ☺✌ and the honor is mine to have such an amazing writer as my Guest Blogger 😍

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  7. Thew world is such a cruel place 😥😤😤
    Why don’t people give the deserved respect to EACH AND EVERYONE!!!!!
    I completely agree here on your post, such a serious topic to talk about 👌🏻

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