Brihannala !

Brihannala As portrayed in a recent TV serial

Yeah! You read it right! Today I’m going to tell u story from a great epic mahabharath of Indian mythology!

Whenever it comes to mythologies we must be ready to hear various versions of a single story, being etched around one character. But it doesn’t limit us from believing our most favorite version and sticking to it! πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰

Arjun was a legendary warrior from Chandravamsh, third among the five pandavas, dharm son of demigod Indra, well trained in archery. He was a brilliant student right from his childhood, was a favorite disciple of his teacher, guru dhronacharya!

Arjun As portrayed in a recent TV serial

Apart from archery and other warrior skills, Arjun was also an elegant dancer and musician. Bravery of Arjun was exceedingly excellent!

So one day Arjun visited his heavenly father Indra, a demigod himself as well as chief of other demigods, he is said to have a beautiful courtyard in heaven, with beautiful ladies called apsaras entertaining him!

Lord Indra

When his human son Arjun visited his father’s courtyard, Lord Indra wanted to entertain his son who made him extremely proud by his bravery. So he called for a great feast with lots of entertainment like dance, music and what not!? Who knows maybe gods had much more fun than humans in parties! πŸ˜‡

There is the entry of this celestial beauty, Apsara named Urvashi,(in Sanskrit- she who controls heart) and obviously she would end up being the most beautiful apsara among rest of them, or else she wouldn’t have ended up this famous would she?! OK sorry for deviating! So Urvashi performed her divine dance and enchanted every person with her celestial beauty! Everyone were attracted by her, but she was attracted to our hero the great legendary warrior Arjun! Of course every one would have expected this, as we all have watched enough movies with such romances !


But here comes a twist! After the great feast,when Arjun was resting Urvashi confessed her love towards him, our hero was taken aback! Arjun very obediently said that “My dear lady, I’m exceedingly happy to hear this, but I’m not supposed to love u according to dharma” Now it was Urvashi’s turn to be taken aback, she questioned with great surprise, “Why?”

Arjun explained that, many years back Urvashi had a human husband named Pururuvas, who was the first human being of chandravamsh, thus he becomes Pandava’s ancestor, so according to human beliefs, the celestial apsara Urvashi becomes Arjun’s great great great great grandmother! Nice twist rightπŸ˜… But Urvashi wanted to persuade Arjun by saying she is not a human, she is not linked to any particular relationship circle with human, she is eternal and pure forever. But Arjun seemed to deny pointing to his Dharma!

Urvashi with her husband Pururuvas

Urvashi the enchanting beauty, being rejected for the first time in her entire immortal life, grew furious and cursed Arjun to become a transgender for rest of his life.

He became very miserable, and when this news reached Lord Indra’s ear, he felt deeply sad as well as surprised by his son. Sad because he couldn’t reverse the curse and surprised by his son’s placement of dharma before love, according to Indra, no human being in his right sense could have rejected or resisted the love of this celestial beauty Urvashi! The most enchanting Apsara!!

His father didn’t want his well mannered son to end up in this miserable state, so he said, he didn’t have power to reverse the curse but he could lessen the adversity of this ! And blessed him saying he could use this curse as a blessing at the time he wants it the most for a temporary period of time.

Thus came the character Brihannala!The dance teacher for princess Uthara of virat kingdom, where he spent his agyathavas(incognito period) where the pandavas along with their wife Draupadi had to live in hiding for one year, after 12 years of vanavas(living in forest) after the infamous disrobing of Draupadi by kauravas! Later his student Uthara was married to Arjun’s son another legendary warrior Abimanyu!

Brihannala teaching Uthara her dance lessons

Thus this is my favorite version of story that revolves around Brihannala, of course there are lot more versions of it but I’ll be happily sticking to this! 😊

I hope u loved this story, I can also tell many other interesting stories from Indian, Greek as well as Roman mythology, if you want me to!

No hate, all love

Yours hyper imaginative honeyπŸ˜‚

74 thoughts on “Brihannala !

  1. πŸ™‚ I can’t help thinking that Arjun was doing Urvashi a favour by rejecting her. Of course she did not see it that way. It’s good for beautiful women to not become too vain. Your story has a great great great….grandmother in it just like The Princess and Curdie! These images you posted with your story are sooo gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Harini!

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Tnks a lot Melanie! That’s very true! And Melanie today I’ve made a drawing for ur emerald princess, I’ve completed but did not end up well, I’ll do it better at next try and give it to u.. Pls give me some time! Love love~β™₯~

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Take all the time you need until you are happy with what you’ve done. Just remember that I understand that you are a young girl and do not expect you to do the work of a professional artist. πŸ™‚ My hope is that it will inspire others to try.

        Liked by 4 people

      1. Okie πŸ˜€
        I’ll be fine with literally anyone, I already know so many it would be fun to read more about them. Though I am more familiar with gods than the heroes but still… 😁

        Liked by 5 people

  2. I loved it!!!!!! Il although I knew about some of the charecters, it was just a disoriented mess. And, now, everything suddenly made sense and all the dots got connected. Thanks a ton. If you know, do share some other not-so-popular Mahabharat stories, would love to hear such undiscovered jewels β€οΈπŸ™ Nice read, Harini

    Liked by 7 people

  3. Thank you, Harini for reminding us of this part and the fun part when Brihannala goes to the battle along with Uttar(son of the king Virat) as Charioteer and fought alone and defeated the whole Kauravas along with guru Drona and Bhisma and then they realize those who are working in their fort as servent are the Pandavas.

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  4. Pururuvas! An unknown character from Mahabharatha. Nice to known from you.
    Also the curse from Urvasi turned as blessings is new to me. Good… Expecting more such researches from you.

    Liked by 6 people

  5. Wonderful piece Harini! While I had known about Brihannalla character, I had not known the background story of Urvashi’s curse! Am just wondering how you who are less than half as am old, still so well read and knowing and loving to share!! Hats off Harini!! Eager to look for more of posts from you!

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